Team Leader Tool Kit


Thanks for stepping up and becoming a 2017 BCC Team Leader! We appreciate the pizzazz you bring to your organization and want to help you and your team succeed! The resources below will help you recruit team members and promote the BCC and Active Trans' mission for a better biking in Chicagoland.



What does a Team Leader actually do?

In a nutshell, the TL has administrative powers and is a team’s biggest cheerleader. A TL can: add/delete team members, change passwords, send out team communications, and challenge other teams. They encourage their team members, set up group commutes for those who live in close proximity, are a bike commute resource (safety, tips, maintenance), and maybe even go as far to set up a team happy hour or two!

If you'd like hand over the TL torch after registering, please email This new TL needs to be registered for BCC before we can make the official change.

Team Leader Presentation


  1. Come join us on June 1st at REI (Lincoln Park Location) for a Team Leader Kickoff Event! This event is strictly for Team Leaders. Come mingle and meet other Team Leaders. We will have fun filled tool kits available in a limited quantity. For 2017, we are bringing back the Team Leader Swag Bag that includes an REI water bottle, Chicagoland Cycling Guide, stickers, and BCC posters! 
  2. As a TL, you will be able to send out emails to your team via the Team Leader page to encourage more riding.

Promote and Recruit Team Members with these printable resources!

BCC Poster (8.5 x 11)

BCC Poster (11 x 17)

BCC Palm Card 1

BCC Palm Card 2

Email: Copy, paste and email to your co-workers!

Subject: Join my 2017 Bike Commuter Challenge Team!

Hey there!

I've just created a team for the 2017 Bike Commuter Challenge! If you don't know what the BCC is, it's an awesome two week long competition among Chicagoland companies to see who can bike commute the most. Chicago is one of the top 5 cities to bike in, so don't worry if you've never bike commuted before; it's easy, safe, and fun!

It's FREE to participate and you don't have to bike every day or even the entire way to work- just make one trip from June 16-30 and you will help [organization name] become the 2017 Bike Commuter Champs. For more information on what counts as a trip, official rules, and resources, head over to

Register now! Set up your account, search for, "team name," select "join," and that's it!

Follow these step by step instructions on joining a team here.

Let me know if I can answer any questions, let's get ridin'!

(your name)

Promote during the BCC

Pit Stop Calendar - let your Team Member's know where our morning pit stops are!