What Counts as a Trip?

What's a Trip and how do I log it?

Active Trans makes it a priority to encourage all to participate in the BCC. Whether you're an experienced rider who regularly bike commutes or a newbie intrigued by the thought of bike commuting, we've got your back!


What's a Trip?

A bike commute/trip, for the purpose of the Bike Commuter Challenge is defined as:

  • Biking part way to/from work.
  • Biking to/from the bus, train, or alternate source of transportation.
  • Biking the whole way to/from work

To be counted in your teams point total, all you need to do is complete ONE trip from Friday June 16th-30th. 1 trip = 1 ride. 


How do I log a Trip?

You can instantly track your trips by downloading and using the BCC App or you can manually enter by logging into your account here

If your commute is a combination of riding the Metra and riding a bike, click here to get the information you need about train times and rules for having your bike on the Metra. For more info on riding your bike on CTA, click here




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